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Our Story



Growing up, I learned at an early age that sharing meals was our
family’s language of love.

We gathered frequently around the kitchen or dining room table and
everyone was welcome. We discussed the days happenings, recalled
joyous occasions, engaged in spirited debates and comforted each
other in times of sorrow.

It is in this spirit that we created Forbici, a restaurant where you are at
home sharing food, enjoying good company and making memories with
family and friends, old and new.

Jeff Gigante

Our Partners


Jeff Gigante


Jeff Co-Founded Ciccio Restaurant Group in 1996 and has enjoyed growing their brands over the past 2 decades. Forbici Modern Italian marks Jeff’s first venture outside of the CRG umbrella and he’s enjoyed assembling an all star team of Industry vets to help bring this concept to fruition. He’s happy to get back to his roots of Full Service Hospitality and is looking forward to building his brands with passion and love.


Joseph Guggino


Joseph Guggino is an attorney and an investor born in New York City and raised in Tampa, Florida. After practicing law for several years, he developed a passion for investing in real estate and business. In the early 2000’s, he began helping James Lanza and Jeff Gigante acquire properties for Ciccio Restaurant Group and eventually began investing in the restaurants.